Taxes, Audit, Accounting
and Incorporation in UAE

Accounting, Audit, Taxes
and Incorporation in UAE
UAE and EU CPA tax specialists in your team,
More than 15 years in the market,
350 permanent clients,
A team of 12 professional accountants.
  • A simple and clear pricing structure A simple and clear pricing structure
    Our pricing fits one page and you can calculate your own quote using the special form below.
  • UAE, EU, International Taxes UAE, EU, International Taxes
    We are experts not only in the UAE tax system, but also in European VAT, international trade, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies, investments and much more.
  • Legal assistance Legal assistance
    Incorporation in the UAE or the EU, obtaining a residence permit, organisation of complex legal structures, compliance, support.
Pricing for Accounting Services

Additional services

  • Annual audit – 4000 AED
  • Priority online support – 1500 AED/pcm
  • Accounting for customs documents(1-2 transactions) – 1000 AED/pcm
  • WPS (Wage Protection System) Setup – 1300 AED
  • Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) Notification – 1200 AED
  • Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) Report – 1800 AED
  • Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) Declaration – 1200 AED
  • GoAml Setup – 2500 AED
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN) Acquisition – 2500 AED
  • Payroll accounting - 150 AED/pcm
  • Legal support - on request.

Taxes and Consulting

DoMytax combines the synergy of expertises in EU tax, international trade and the UAE tax system. Our consultants will help you build the optimal local or international business structure and describe the flow of services, goods and funds.

Incorporation in UAE

More than 60 jurisdictions (mainland, free zones, offshore) are waiting to suit your business commercial needs. Low or zero taxes, favourable migration policy, attractive local market. Which setup option will be the best for you?

UAE Residence Visa

A resident visa expands your economic rights and allows you to stay in the UAE for more than 30-90 days.