Incorporation in Dubai and UAE

DoMyTax helps to register a company in Dubai and the UAE. On this page we provide typical service packages, to receive a targeted offer, write to us in the chat or leave a message in the contact form below. Why? Because there are more than 60 jurisdictions in the UAE, it is simply not possible to describe the ideal offer for each.

This option would best fit pre-seed early-stage startups, just taking off in their commercial journey. This option implies a simple business model and limited availability of bonuses and features, offered by economic Free Zones. It would imply standardised procedures for regular business cases.
Examples of potential clients: web agency, design studio, SaaS project, marketing agency.
Is a best fit for growing business and market expenditure. Would suit middle sized businesses, founders seeking UAE residence, aiming at benefitting from services and ecosystem provided by Free Zones.
Examples of potential clients: consulting services, fintech projects (except banking).
This path is targeted at complex large business structures, seeking residence in more prestigious Free Zones, requiring external approvals and licences, physical office.
Examples of potential clients: real estate corporations, fintech and banking organisations, biomed and pharmaceutical companies.

Types of companies in Dubai and UAE

    There are 3 types of companies in Dubai and the UAE:

  • Offshore company. It's registered in one of the three offshore zones and does not have the right to operate in the local market.
  • Company in a free zone. Registered in zones of special preferences. The owner of the company can be a foreigner, and the office can be virtual. You may need a real office to open a bank account.
  • Local company (mainland). The registration of such a company is valid throughout the UAE, the registration process is lengthy, more expensive, and you cannot do without an office. At least 51% of the company must be owned by a UAE national.

Company registration procedure

  1. Preparation of documents.

      For registration you will need:

    • Scan of the passport;
    • Passport photo;
    • Completed and signed application (application);
    • UAE entry stamp or copy of residence visa (if any);
    • Scan of Emirates ID and UAE residence visa (if stamped).

      Next, you will need to select three options for the name of the company, and the following conditions must be met:

    • If the name is the property of an individual, then it must be a partner or license holder;
    • Names cannot contain already used brands, incl. and names of emirates;
    • No word in the title can be shorter than three characters.
  2. Security check.
  3. Verification and processing of documents by the registrar.
  4. Issuance of a document and further accompanying steps.

Why order incorporation in UAE from DoMyTax?

  • Save your time. There are activities much more pleasant than bureaucratic procedures. Without the necessary experience, it will be difficult for you to choose among 60 jurisdictions.
  • Be sure to choose the right licence for your business. Dubai and UAE is a new environment for you.
  • Get the desired result in the shortest possible time. We know how to fill out the documents so that they are approved the first time and as quickly as possible. Time is money, do business, not argue with bureaucrats.
  • Get a professional player for your team. By hiring a specialist, you get not only a registered company, but also accompanying consultations on emerging issues.
  • Save your money. Mistakes have a quite tangible expression in terms of money. We don't make mistakes, so we don't waste your money.

You may need:

  • Accounting and Audit
  • Residence permit in UAE
  • UAE, EU, VAT Tax advice/planning