Advice on taxes in the UAE, the EU, double taxation for UAE businessmen, expatriation of profits and payment of dividends to third countries

We offer a comprehensive tax advice service at your request: UAE taxes, European VAT, international trade, e-commerce, registration and taxation of a permanent establishment in the EU, double taxation of companies and individuals, taxes on dividends and investments, etc.

Doing business in multiple markets requires dealing with complex tax issues. We offer many years of experience in solving tax issues, both in the EU, the UAE, and in choosing the best ways to organise international trade.

Who needs advice on UAE, EU and international taxes?

  • Companies and entrepreneurs benefiting from the favorable taxation of the UAE, but facing the problem of further expatriation of profits, payment of dividends, determining the tax residence of the founders and resolving issues of their double taxation.
  • UAE tax residents with international trade or foreign beneficiaries.
  • Companies and entrepreneurs expanding their business to the EU countries. With long-term cooperation with other countries, the company may have a permanent representative office in the European Union and the obligation to register there for taxes, draw up and submit reports on both VAT, income tax and deductions for employees.
  • Registration of a branch in the European Union. It is required to study the tax aspects in order to make the right management decisions and build a scheme for the work of the branch.
  • Sale of goods from a warehouse in Europe (registration of OSS, iOSS, VAT, preparation and submission of reports and comprehensive support)
  • Provision of services to end consumers in the EU countries (registration of OSS, VAT, preparation and submission of reports and comprehensive support)
  • Employment of European employees (rules for deductions for foreign employees, taxation, avoidance of double taxation).
  • Work for a European company (double taxation, contributions to social funds).

Why book a consultation with us?

  • Our experts have extensive experience in international taxation
  • DoMyTax employs specialists of the highest certification in the EU and the UAE
  • We will help you to register for taxes and submit reports in the UAE, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Germany
  • The company offers a wide range of services, including comprehensive bookkeeping
  • We respect trade secrets and guarantee confidentiality.

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